What men want from Adult Dating

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: December 15, 2012

What men want from Adult DatingKeeping in mind the old adage, boys will always be boys. There is little doubt then that you can never know what men really want. The truth of the matter is that in adult dating, men often want different things at different times. The problem in adult dating is that women can tend to read into a situation too much and over-complicate things.

What perfume should you wear in an adult dating situation?

An adult dating encounter is full of exciting possibilities, but it can also go wrong because of trying too hard. For example, your date may be allergic to the expensive perfume you’ve liberally sprayed yourself with, and may instead prefer the sexy, natural scent of your body. This is an example of a situation where thinking too much and trying too hard can lead you to a condition where you are thinking of nothing but how to seduce your man. There is just one thing to remember about men, they find you sexy just the way you are, so you don’t need to try so hard. Be yourself when dating, because that is the most natural and sexy thing in the world.

Why men appreciate candidness

If your date for the evening is an intelligent man, then it is likely that he will appreciate your candour more than anything. Men find this kind of woman incredibly sexy; one who is well-dressed, observant, intelligent, witty, and also good natured. This kind of edgy woman can turn his adult dating experience into something really spicy and unpredictable, and you will both be in for a sexy and exciting evening.

Be independent

After a meal in a restaurant, men often want to act chivalrous and settle the bill by themselves. However, you should always insist on splitting the bill equally, as long as you don’t mind paying! This will show him that you can hold your own too, and if he is open-minded, he will not mind at all. Remember, men find independence and self-reliance incredibly sexy and like low-maintenance women who are a minimum amount of fuss.

Flirting with a man during adult dating

Flirting is the easy bit, as men get very flattered when you give them even the smallest amount of attention. They will look at you in a way that tells you that the blood flow to their brains has been cut down by half, and you will know exactly why this has happened!

When you talk to your date or have an intimate conversation with them, gently hold their hand or lightly touch their arm from time to time. That, combined with a deliberately corny fluttering of the eyelashes and the sexiest smile you can flash at him will create a rush of endorphins inside his head. For those who don’t know, endorphins are basically hormones that make you happy and exhilarated, and very turned on! Mild flirtatious moves on your date will leave him in a strange frame of mind; he will want you more than he wants to breathe.

However, a note of caution here – timing is important. Do not pull your flirty moves at the wrong times or your sexy attempts will seem more funny and awkward than alluring. The last thing you want on your date is for him to laugh at you.

Adult dating is an exciting game which will challenge your mental prowess to the core, but be prepared; in adult dating, looks don’t matter half as much as knowing what to do.

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